About Us

KKsportscards is dedicated to making the card grading process efficient, simple, and secure for our customers. As one of the largest group submission services in the United States for both PSA and SGC, we are equipped to handle hundreds of thousands of cards per month.  Whether you have 1 or 10,000 cards to submit, we handle everything once you drop off or ship your cards to us, eliminating your need for a costly PSA or SGC annual membership. With our combined decades of experience at card collecting and handling, we properly process and ship all cards to the grading company within 2 business days. Upon entering our facility, your cards are insured, verified through photographs, and are under constant video surveillance until they are safely shipped to the grading company. You can track and receive notifications about where your card is even when it is at the grading company through our API system that is integrated with PSA and SGC’s tracking programs. Through our Evaluation Process option, we save you time and money by pre-screening cards so that only pay to grade cards that should come back with favorable grades. 

With deep respect and appreciation for our trusted customers, each of our 40 employees handles every card as if it was their own. Knowing the value of the cards we handle, we provide ample information about your order on your KKSportscards account, including confirmation pictures when we receive your order. Additionally, payment is not collected upfront for your submission; billing is deferred until your cards are graded so that you can choose if you want your cards insured for return shipping based on their graded value. Within your KKSportscards account, you can also select to consign your cards with us on our trusted Whatnot profile, or with Goldin Auctions, so that making profit on your cards is effortless.  We look forward to making your submission process as convenient and seamless as possible. 

Beyond group submissions, we also sell sealed sports card boxes and do breaks on multiple platforms. Check us out on the @WhatNot app under @kksportscards, @kkconsignment, and @kkcardvault.