We are excited to announce a partnership with Goldin Auctions!

  • KKsportscards and Goldin Auctions: Going forward any card ($50+) you want sold or pull with us we can put through our KK & Goldin Partnership program. This program costs you nothing and nets you more. You can submit the card to us, it will be graded in 2 weeks and put in the next Goldin monthly auction. You pay $0 in grading fees (fees are deducted from the sale price after the card sells) and you get paid out 105% of the hammer price in the auction. The payment will be sent via check or PayPal friends after the funds clear from Goldin to us through the partnership. $0 out of pocket grading and a extra 5% net to you is something to keep in mind. When Submitting your order under service level click: “Goldin Partnership Program” and your order will go through this service. Estimated time from submission to the card being on Goldin is 3 weeks with the grading being deducted from your 105% of hammer price payout.
  • Breaks/Personal boxes: Check out our breaks and personals! on the Whatnot app live almost 140 hours per week: . We run 130-140 hours a week various types of breaks such as random team breaks, pick your team breaks, and pick your player breaks! Be sure to check us out if you are interested in breaking with us! You can actually get your first $10 to spend on the app for free with this link: . If you hit a big card in a break with us you can send it to PSA/SGC the next business day as well!
  • Consignment- We run live 30 second auctions of single cards, slabs, packs, and more on @kkconsignment and @kkcardvault 7 days a week! We do all the advertising, sorting, shipping, customer service and can have your cards sold and paid out to you within 5 business days. Contact [email protected] for more info and payout percentages. If you’re just looking to pick up some cards these channels are a great option!
  • Selling Cards? We are always buying! Feel free to send a list of your items to [email protected] we will be happy to purchase your collection or take it on consignment. There is no collection too large or small, we are always buying sports and non sports card inventory.